1 John 4:19 We love because He first loved us.

IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!!! What next?

on December 20, 2014

It has been a week of unspeakable joy as we celebrated the news that we finally have our referral!  We have already fallen in love with a sweet little 5 year old girl through the pictures and minimal information that we have received.  It has been so fun to share our news with everyone, and it has been wonderful to have all of you share in our excitement.  We know that everyone now wants to know what’s next.  I will try to answer those questions so that you know what to expect and how to pray as we continue this journey.  We will be traveling to Haiti the last week of January through the first week of February.  YAHOO!  We will FINALLY be meeting our little girl.  Haiti requires adoptive families to come and spend 15 days in Haiti to meet and bond with the child they are adopting.  While we are there, a Haitian social worker will come and observe us with our little girl and ask us questions to make sure that we are committed to parenting this child.  That doesn’t sound intimidating at all, does it?  Oh, by the way, the social worker doesn’t speak English so we will be communicating through a translator.  After the social worker visits us, she will turn in a report to Haitian social services.  We will leave Haiti after 15 days, without our daughter.  It will be brutal for us and for this sweet little girl who has already been abandoned.  She will probably feel abandoned again no matter how many times we tell her that we will come back for her.  I think we should be stamped, “Fragile.  Handle with care.” as we re-enter the United States.  After our socialization trip is completed, Haitian social services will give us their stamp of approval and exit our file to complete all the legal steps for this sweet little girl to become our daughter forever.  This process takes about 6 months.  Yes, that is too long.  No, there is nothing we can do about it.  The absolute best case scenario is that she will come home at the end of summer.  However, the best case scenario rarely happens in Haitian adoptions.  We would love it if you would pray that it would happen!  We’ll try to keep you up to date as we move through the steps and have information on where we’re at in the timeline.  In the meantime, we would appreciate prayers for our trip coming up in January.  We know that we don’t walk this journey alone, and we are so grateful for the support, encouragement, and prayers that have been offered on our behalf.


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