1 John 4:19 We love because He first loved us.


on January 12, 2014

As we start a new year, I am compelled to reflect on the old one.  Reflecting on 2013 is a lot about reflecting on our adoption process.  As I look back, I realize that so much happened in 2013.  This process seems so long, but looking back actually gives me great hope.  I see so much more looking back than I saw in the moment.  In the moment it seems like all rush and anticipation.  In the moment it seems like forever.  In the reflection it is awe and beauty and wonder.  In the reflection I realize that if we would have gotten everything done a few months earlier(like I wanted), we would have fallen under the old law in Haiti and been stuck waiting in a vacuum for dispensation.  God knew.  He KNEW!  We will actually be bringing our daughter home sooner because we didn’t have things ready when I wanted.  In reflection I see all that God is teaching us and all the work that God is doing in my heart to prepare me for the next great thing.  In reflection I see God encouraging and sustaining us through the love of so many people.  I am humbled as I reflect on the ways that God has shown us how much we are loved and cared for.  There isn’t an adequate word to describe the feeling of having people come alongside you and sacrifice for you and with you.  It is love in the purest way, and it is beautiful and awe inspiring.  The journey is long, and the waiting is hard; but there is so much beauty in it.  God is writing His story in our lives.  He wrote some great chapters in 2013, and I will look back on them and rejoice in His faithfulness and draw hope for the new year.  May I never forget what He has taught me over this past year.  If you want to see if God is faithful, step out in faith.


2 responses to “Reflections…

  1. kate says:

    beautifully said, gave me chills. Thanks for the reminder

  2. Janna says:

    Amen, sister!! to all of that, but especially “The journey is long, and the waiting is hard; but there is so much beauty in it.” Love you!

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