1 John 4:19 We love because He first loved us.

Moving forward

Well, we are finally getting somewhere!  Our dossier is in Haiti right now.  YAY!  All of our documents are currently being legalized by the Haitian government.  This process is similar to having all of our notarized documents certified by the state of Florida.  Once Haiti has legalized our dossier documents, our dossier will go to our agency in Haiti to await our turn to be put in to IBESR(the Haitian equivalent to our Department of Children and Family Services).  As of right now, Haiti is allowing each accredited adoption agency to turn in only one family’s dossier per month.  Our dossier will be in the  mix to be chosen from in July.  Our agency has a handful of other dossiers also waiting to be turned in.  They decide which dossier to turn in based upon the needs of the children waiting to get a referral.  For example, if they have a 6 year old girl that they feel needs to be matched soon, they would look through the dossiers of the families they have to see which one has an age range and gender preference that would meet that need.  They will notify us at the beginning of each month whether or not our dossier was chosen until it is our turn.  It is so exciting to be to this point where we have done everything that we can do.  It is now in the hands of our adoption agency and the Haitian government.  Getting to this point has taken us longer than most, and longer than we had anticipated.  Now the waiting really begins.  When our dossier goes in to IBESR, it will be sent to the office of the President of Haiti to await his signature.  This is called a presidential dispensation.  Current Haitian law requires this step if you have biological children.  They are talking about changing this law with the new adoption laws that they are voting on, but it is still in effect right now.  This step alone can take 6 to 8 months!  The new rules that IBESR is operating under state that we cannot be matched or referred to a child until we have our presidential dispensation and are an approved IBESR family.  I know that all of this sounds confusing and ridiculous to many people.  While it can be very frustrating because things are constantly changing right now in Haiti, it is also comforting to know that these rules and laws are changing for the right reasons.  Haitian adoptions are moving towards a more ethical and reasonable process, and this is good for the children in Haiti and the families who hope to adopt from there in the future.  It does make it difficult for us to give specific answers to questions that people ask.  We really don’t know, and what we think we know often changes.  Welcome to international adoption.  If you’re looking for adventure, you should try it!  Please join us in praying for those in Haiti who are making decisions about the adoption process.  Pray that God would give them wisdom and unity of vision.  You can also be praying for the creche directors and adoption agencies who are trying to adapt to the constant changes.  This is a very stressful time for them.  We are so thankful to be working with an adoption agency that we have great confidence in!  Thanks for walking with us on this journey even though it’s a long one.  We appreciate your prayers and support so much!